Sunday, 15 January 2012


Ok so the alarm went off at 5am. I click snooze twice.... Very unlike me to even set an alarm but ive kinda slipped into holiday mode over the past few weeks of rejuvination and i had to be at my first PT session at 6am for all my measurements etc etc... Ok... Now after the lovely Sean pinched, poked, prodded and wait for it...................... weighed me to get my real weight. He wasnt happy with my gusetimate weight,go figure?? anyway i think he had to pick me up and shake me out of a rocking coma... i was 7KG heavier than i thought. a whooping 127KG. faaaaaarrrrrkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other shock was the questionaire..
Hobbies - Sport - No time at all for me between kids, kids sport, work and house hold (Ok well i have a cleaner twice a week.. Theres another excuse for you right there)
Food seemed ok just had to eat smaller portions and more often.
Smoker... Nope - quit 5 years ago.
Drinks - how many standard drinks do you have in a day... My response to that was "Shit ok so 2 glasses.. But im not sure how many of your glasses fit into my glass.. I call it the fish bowl...."

My problem is i have a drink or two or four or more in the evening to relax me... Who doesn't - right???

Ok so to help lose the weight i need to find another way to destress. Ha theres my hobby. (no not drinking.. although.. no thats not cool) Work outs.. Works out should make me feel better and less stressed. Right??? sweet so thats sorted. leave to go home

When we finished we had to go back and sort the kids and ALL the tag alongs out. (all 7 of them. Hey what can i say, im a sucker for punishment hahaha) got into work by 9.30 and have sat on my fat arse ALL day except for lunch. I forgot lunch, bought a chicken and salad sandwich (it was either that or 2 minute noodles) and am about to leave.

Its 4.44pm and im fanging for a big icey Sav blanc mmmm mmm. all that aside. I've decided to go home and try my new destressing method..... An hour long work out... get tonights dinner sorted for the troops and organise tomorrows lunch for MT and I

stay tuned to see how the work out V's Sav Blanc goes. I'll let you know tomorrow

Friday, 13 January 2012

Getting the other half on board

M.T is my cosy, coshie, cuddly bear. Apart from making time my next biggest challenge is getting M.T aboard the lifestyle change. We love and over induluge on Great food, fine wine. He definately likes, ok LOVES my cooking and extra large servings along with 2nds and 3rds and if there's any left over, 4ths. What I have found is that we reward each other with these gourmet treats without realising we are doing it. We also relax by having a glass of wine or 2 with dinner to help us wind down after a really full on day. As I change the way we eat and live, the hints and tips I find along the way to gently but swiftly motivate my partner, I will share with you. Please feel free to share any tips you may have too. I'm all for new ideas.

I'm over being FAT

Ok so this is my first time doing the 12WBT, virgin blogger and the first time in my life i have had to loose a ridiculous amount of weight... 50kg to be precise.

I am a self employed and a Mum of 4... 5 if you count the other big oath in the house... Our normal day to day life consists of get up 5am, get dressed, get kids breaky and lunch, i Have a coffee breaky can wait i'll find time later. Get to work by 7-730. Work work work...i'll have lunch a little later, im to busy right now, oops is that time... Dash home to get the Kids dinner, what ever is quick, chicken and rice, foods not that bad but by now I'm absolutely starving. I pick at the food taste testing as I'm cooking, with a glass or two of wine or a bourbon and coke to help relax me after a really stressful day. I serve up small portions for the kids and I give us adults huge helpings. But that's ok cause I haven't had much more than a coffee or two all day. Hahaha how wrong am I.

On the weekends we entertain or go out for lunch or dinner. we love the flavour of food, we love good cheese and Fine wine.

5 years later on and we have a successful business but I am 50kg heavier.

The breaker for me was 2 days ago. M.T and I went for a Helicopter ride whilst we were on holidays. They asked for our weights as he had just filled up with fuel. There was three of us. M.T and I wrote down our weights and the pilot did some calculations and said the combined passenger load was to heavy. We didnt know the third person, I just wanted to crawl under the closest rock and hide. I have never been so embarrassed in my life.

When I got back to our unit I said to M.T things are going to change as of today. We spoke about getting a personal trainer and eating better, not drinking as much and one of the kids pipes up and says "So Mum, ifyoumdomlots of exercise will that ride of that fat under your chin" OMG realisation I have a prominent double chin. Reality is setting in faster than than the puffing and panting does when I get up to walk down to,the pool.

I post holiday shots to face book and I keep seeing this Michelle Bridges 12WBT Challenge.mand today Michelle says your either in or your out. I didn't even think. I signed up immediately.

I'm sick of being out of breathe, buying new clothes and growing out them only to have to buy new ones again. I love the clothes at City Chic and I hate that. I'm uncomfortable when I walk, I'm uncomfortable when I sleep, I'm just plain uncomfortable. I have absolutely no sex drive and M.T and I are getting married in 6 months that ain't going to be fun if I don't take a stand And committ to something NOW...

My biggest challenge is going to be setting myself aside some time each day for ME... All you working mums out there will know how life just sometimes seems to fly by and we get caught up in the world of looking after everyone else, whether it be our hubbies, our kids, our cats or dogs, our work mates, our bosses, our neighbours blah blah blah and we loose ourselves.

Well I need to find myself again. Like I said, We have built a successful business now it's time to build a successful me. Fit, healthy and happy.

My oath is to give it all and everything. No matter what

Stay with me through the next 12 weeks, you'll help me keep it real.