Sunday, 15 January 2012


Ok so the alarm went off at 5am. I click snooze twice.... Very unlike me to even set an alarm but ive kinda slipped into holiday mode over the past few weeks of rejuvination and i had to be at my first PT session at 6am for all my measurements etc etc... Ok... Now after the lovely Sean pinched, poked, prodded and wait for it...................... weighed me to get my real weight. He wasnt happy with my gusetimate weight,go figure?? anyway i think he had to pick me up and shake me out of a rocking coma... i was 7KG heavier than i thought. a whooping 127KG. faaaaaarrrrrkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other shock was the questionaire..
Hobbies - Sport - No time at all for me between kids, kids sport, work and house hold (Ok well i have a cleaner twice a week.. Theres another excuse for you right there)
Food seemed ok just had to eat smaller portions and more often.
Smoker... Nope - quit 5 years ago.
Drinks - how many standard drinks do you have in a day... My response to that was "Shit ok so 2 glasses.. But im not sure how many of your glasses fit into my glass.. I call it the fish bowl...."

My problem is i have a drink or two or four or more in the evening to relax me... Who doesn't - right???

Ok so to help lose the weight i need to find another way to destress. Ha theres my hobby. (no not drinking.. although.. no thats not cool) Work outs.. Works out should make me feel better and less stressed. Right??? sweet so thats sorted. leave to go home

When we finished we had to go back and sort the kids and ALL the tag alongs out. (all 7 of them. Hey what can i say, im a sucker for punishment hahaha) got into work by 9.30 and have sat on my fat arse ALL day except for lunch. I forgot lunch, bought a chicken and salad sandwich (it was either that or 2 minute noodles) and am about to leave.

Its 4.44pm and im fanging for a big icey Sav blanc mmmm mmm. all that aside. I've decided to go home and try my new destressing method..... An hour long work out... get tonights dinner sorted for the troops and organise tomorrows lunch for MT and I

stay tuned to see how the work out V's Sav Blanc goes. I'll let you know tomorrow

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